Wild Stoneworks

Organic * Flexible * Creative * Fluid * Durable * Powerful * Sustainable * Natural * Timeless * Graceful * Textural * Connective

William MacLean and Rob Foster are true old-world stone craftsmen. Their masonry roots branch to Europe and the United Kingdom. As stone masons, they understand the intrinsic heart of this natural building material and its unique essence in construction. 

With over 55 years of total masonry experience, William and Rob consistently produce superior and exceptional results in all their projects, whether large or small, and personally guarantee the results to be the highest quality of superb craftsmanship. Wilderness Stoneworks provides onsite crews to fit any scale of masonry project.

William and Rob excels in not only new stone work, but also in repairs and restoration of existing structures including repointing, patios, stone foundations, interlocking stone, flag stone pavers, and retaining walls. 

In addition, William and Rob are certified Rumford and conventional fireplace designers.  They can help you plan and select a unique Rumford fireplace style that will add value, beauty and heating efficiency to your home.